Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekend Recap #1! (Ajzha Kahn Baby Shower and Impromptu Wii Game Night)

Happy Hump Day All!!!

I've been so behind with writing so I'm trying to get a few post in today before the madness of the rest of my week rushes at me.

First off let me start by saying CONGRATULATIONS to fellow designers Ajzha Kahn and Maurice. The baby shower this weekend was so nice and Ajz looked beautiful in the maternity dress she made. I was absolutely LOVIN the hair!!!!

After the baby shower a few of my friends headed over to my house for some last minute bbq. Or atleast that's what we planned to do...

After about an hour we got into some heated Wii games:
Hip Hop Dance Experience
Michael Jackson Experience
Black Eyed Peas Experience 

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan...if you never played any of these you are missing out on a lot of fun and a great exercise.

A few of my friends, not saying any names, got embarrassed because they called my mom out thinking she didn't have the moves smh... they all lost! Go MOM!!!! :)

Thanks for coming loves!!! I had so much fun! See pics and videos below. If you have any additional pics or video (I'm pretty sure y'all do!) send them to me and I'll post them on this blog :)

Special Thanks To:
Ajzha Kahn

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