Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Newest Addition To Asos Marketplace

I am honored and proud to say that we have our own boutique on Asos Marketplace!!! How awesome is that? You can find us at our custom url . We will soon offer sample dresses on Asos that will not be put into production, maybe one or two of its kind. This will offer exclusivity and a real chance to have a piece that may not be custom, but uniquely its own. It's a great feeling when you wear pieces that you know not many people have access to. I truly feel that way with Ace Blakley. We produce short runs and once that item is sold out it is no longer available for purchase later.

Our Asos boutique will be updated once or twice per week. Exact days will vary until we get the hang of our new platform. Browse around...let me know what you think.   

ace blakley on asos marketplace

ace blakley on asos marketplace

Remember... I want to hear from you!!!



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