Friday, February 5, 2016

YouTube Sewing Channel?

I was contacted today about an opportunity to reach hundreds of people around the U.S. with my sewing and pattern making classes. The organization sounds great, the idea is awesome and it will definitely help me expand my brand. After our over-the-phone meeting it had me thinking. Should I start a YouTube sewing channel? 

I've been asked this plenty of times along with the usual " Have you ever thought about applying for Project Runway" or "When are you moving to New York? You can't be a designer and live in Philadelphia!" (side eye...) I am a designer living in Philadelphia smh...

I know that a YouTube channel would take a lot of my time...a whooooole lot of my time. I barely have time to blog now. With a video blog I have to worry about hair, make-up, lighting, scenary, camera set-up and editing just a few things. I don't want to sound completely pessimistic. I'm just trying to think logically and realistically. There are plenty up-sides to doing video blogs including more traffic to my website, the potential to have more sewing students, teaching people all over the world and interacting with other creative people. 

I'm really undecided. What do you think?

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