Monday, October 28, 2013

The C.U.R.V.V. Movement

:::Friends, Family and Supporters:::

The C.U.R.V.V. Fashion Exhibit at the University of Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 

It has been 15 days since the C.U.R.V.V. Fashion Exhibit in Philadelphia and I am still on a C.U.R.V.V. high. One would think that I would be the first blogger to write about it especially since it was my exhibit, but I just needed some time to regroup and focus on some tasks I have neglected during the planning process of C.U.R.V.V.

I am sincerely overjoyed by the support and love that was shown to me and my team during the exhibit. We worked so hard to pull everything together and I couldn’t have selected a better group of ladies to work with. The obstacles we had to overcome made this event nothing short of a miracle. Who knew that filming and editing a movie, planning a fashion exhibit at a museum, working a full-time job and running a business all at the same time with only 3 short months to plan would be so overwhelming? We did! And we were all up for the challenge. Because of this, the trending hash-tag is now #CURVVswerve. C.U.R.V.V. Swerve definition: (noun) any opposer that attempts to delay or halt the growth of an individual. This word can also describe the actions of an antagonist “throwing shade”, demonstrating jealousy or diligently working to make sure one does not succeed. Additional terms, hash-tags and phrases that originated through the production process of “C.U.R.V.V.” are “The Struggle”, “The Struggle Is Real”, “The Struggle Is Too Real” and “The Bearded Wonder” amongst other clever and witty sayings...Yea I know, what does this all mean? Once the outtakes are posted on C.U.R.V.V. TV you all will be able to fully understand and laugh along. 

A lot of people have asked if the movie will be posted on C.U.R.V.V. TV anytime soon and the answer is unfortunately not.The movie is in the process of being revamped. "C.U.R.V.V." will official premiere June 2014. We are looking to receive backing to make it a feature film in the latter part of 2014 *Fingers Crossed...Prayers Up*.

Now I could try to put the C.U.R.V.V. experience into words, but I think it would be better to let you view the images from the C.U.R.V.V. festivities to get a real feel for the atmosphere and tone of the event. 

ChaCha N'Kole with C.U.R.V.V. Models

Colleen Stovall (creator of Curvy Closets), Plus Gorjus and Laila Simone

Smooches Models and Chante Bradley (Smooches Creator)

ChaCha N'Kole display

Miya Donaldson wearing ChaCha N'Kole

Gwen Devoe

Additional images can be found on the C.U.R.V.V. website. CLICK HERE

We are currently in the process of planning the next C.U.R.V.V. Fashion Exhibit and we hope you all will join us again. To request additional information on upcoming C.U.R.V.V. exhibits, events and C.U.R.V.V. TV news join our mailing list at

Below is a list of everyone who contributed to the C.U.R.V.V. 2013 Exhibit at the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Thank you all for your help. I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

C.U.R.V.V. Staff:
Miya Donaldson
Star Parker

“C.U.R.V.V.” Cast & Crew:
Angie De Milo
April “The Stylist” Scott
Ashley Jones
Ceshia Elmore
Curby “Plus Gorjus” Ingram
Daffodale Smith
Derrick Norton
Eboni Zamani
Jade Grier
Jassmine Pierce
Jennifer Nicholas
Laila Simone
Nadine Florent
Patrice Wise
Sharia Jones
Stephie Ali
Susan Sham
Warrenetta Gill

TsiTsi P. Productions
Antoinette Hudson
Curvy Closets

ChaCha N’Kole
Ajzha Kahn
Kizzy Collection

Exhibit Stylist:
Melissa Brown

C.U.R.V.V. Event Staff:
Antoinette H.
Charleah H.
Courtney D.
Delores H.
Kevin H.
Kevin P.
Matthew P.
Phonzo H.
Shiona B.
Tavy Day
Ya-Niece Williams

Erika Thomas & Daughter
Raven Shackelford

Tedara Watts
Warrenetta Gill

Angie De Milo
Ashley Jones
Daffodale Smith
Jade Grier
Jassmine Pierce
Jay Fab
Kristina Denise
Limarie Lewis
Nadine Florent
Sharia Jones
Stephie Ali
Susan Sham
Warrenetta Gill

Special Thanks:
Antoinette Hudson (My fantastic mother)
Atiya German (Penn Museum, Facility Director)
Dan Hazel (Visual Sound Staff)
Gwen Devoe (Full Figured Fashion Week)
John and Pamela Lynn
Stephen Ratner
UPS man who saved my voiceovers (looooooong story)

Thank you sooooooooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!



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