Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bria Marie Rocks Ace Blakley and Dope Music In Her Video???

In Bria Marie's new video "Bye Boy" (www.briamarie.com) she looks super cute, but was there any question that she wouldn't? She was styled by April "The Stylist" Duuuuh!!! LOL... No, but seriously... With her soft yet street style Bria Marie is sure to captivate the heart of young boys everywhere and become a role model to a lot of young girls. This song shows girls that they don't have to settle for just any guy and when a guy comes incorrect just put your hand up and say "BYE BOY" lol. This song is so catchy #SummerHit

Not only was April the wardrobe stylist for this project, but also the hairstylist and jewelry designer, www.irockdopemusic.com (So talented). Did I mention that the choreographer for the video is the love of my life, Bizzy Linder http://www.youtube.com/user/BizzyVisions, who did a great job AS ALWAYS!

"Bye Boy" video by Bria Maria (Courtesy of Ethical Music Entertainment)

I wish you much success Bria.!!! Keep working hard :)

See Pics Below (Courtesy of Bria Marie's instagram):

Bria Marie (wearing Ace Blakley pants) and BEAM TEAM dancers

 Bria Marie (wearing Ace Blakley pants), BEAM TEAM dancers and choreographer Bizzy Linder

P.S. Ace Blakley by ChaCha N'Kole was in Scoop USA
CLICK HERE to see the full article (page7)
Check Out the Ace Blakley Signature Tank Top #POW


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