Friday, May 3, 2013

Career Day at Young Scholars Frederick Douglass Charter School

I came into the office today and was surprised by a package filled with thank you letters and cards from the children at Young Scholars Frederick Douglas Charter School for speaking at their career day. I read through each and every one of them as my eyes continued to fill with water... no I wasn't crying, there was something in my eye o_O lol... I was so moved by the stories of their dreams and hopes for the future. 

I encourage everyone to share the knowledge you were blessed to obtain with our youth. 

Below are some quotes from the letters/cards I received:

"I hope you can come back to our school so you can be an after-school program teacher and teach us how to design." -Jada

"...I feel like your ideas and creativity have greatly influenced my own creativity." -Saqqara

"I appreciate the glasses (given out to students who asked questions) and I hope I can get the tickets for your next fashion show." -Anisa

"I'm going to look for you on Facebook and text you the designs I drew in my book. You're going to like them." -Erian

"Thank you for helping me and talking to me. I want to do fashion design now. I can succeed in life and be who I want to be when I grow up...I want to be a fashion designer and be my own boss like you." -Danielle

There were plenty more and they all were awesome!!! Thanks so much for having me :)

Special Thank You to Sophia Harrison for organizing this Career Day :)
For More Info on Young Scholars Frederick Douglas Click Here!


  1. it is so nice to know you made a difference in a young girls life.