Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sewing With Sequin Fabric

As you all may know I not only teach sewing and pattern making, but I make custom clothing for clients who want to stand out for special occasions. I decided recently that I would take pictures from start to finish when working on more intricate projects to give you guys a look into the process. 

Even as an instructor there are projects that I struggle with. Some that takes me longer to finish than others and some that are downright a pain to do! The sequin on this dress gave me issues initially. My old reliable Brother sewing machine would only allow me to sew the first two seams. After that it completely gave out on me. Every time I tried to get the fabric through it just jammed. Of course I turned to YouTube for help. I already knew that most would say to remove the sequin from the seam allowance. Who was doing that? Not this girl! I have to admit I did try, but to no avail. There were no other answers I could find online so I decided I was going to hand sew the entire dress…Yup, you heard right! The whole entire dress. I did finish 5 seams by hand, but who was I kidding? I must’ve been delusional due to lack of sleep. 

I had friends calling me and suggesting different options, but I couldn’t comprehend any of it because I was in a fog. One friend suggested that I use one of her machines and at that moment I was sure it wouldn’t work. After I got off the phone I realized that it would be worthwhile to at least try one of my other machines. The on/off switch is missing from my industrial machine so that was a no-go (must order a new one ASAP), but there was another machine in my showroom closet that I never used before. It was gifted by one of my clients last year. It was a Euro Pro. I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve seen this brand. I plugged it in and started sewing scrap pieces of sequin and to my surprise it went over the feed dogs like butter! You can imagine my excitement at this point. EURO PRO saved the day.

My client loved her dress and no matter what I had to do to get it done that’s all that matters.

See all pics below from the prototype, draping & finished product…If you have questions feel free to drop me a line. Find out more about having a custom dress made or scheduling a sewing session at

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