Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DIY One Hour Maxi Dress

chacha n'kole maxi dress sip and sew

Hello Lovelies!

I announced yesterday on social media that our Sip & Sew project for this week would be a maxi dress (voted by popular demand). Honestly I never really cared much for maxi dresses on myself so I don't even own one. I've seen so many people rock them in different colors and prints and they looked gorgeous. I just felt that since I am so short or vertically challenged as some would say, that it just wouldn't look great on me. Boy was I wrong!

After I received numerous request for maxi dresses I knew that I would have to make one prior to class to show which style we would be making. On Monday I cut out and pinned the fabric for my maxi dress which took about 35 minutes and on Tuesday I sewed it all together which took 25 minutes. Within one hour total I made an easy, breezy and adorable maxi dress. Come to my Sip & Sew this coming Saturday, April 16th to learn how to make your own maxi dress .

Makeup by The Pink Sistah

chacha n'kole maxi dress

chacha n'kole maxi dress

chacha n'kole maxi dress

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