Monday, August 26, 2013

Ace Blakley in POSE Magazine

I had the opportunity to do a spread in POSE Magazine and the end result was AWESOME!!!!

tavyday and Limarie Lewis came to me with an idea to submit an editorial to POSE Magazine a week before submissions were due…hmmmm, but if you know anything about this team you know we work best under pressure anyway… We had Zakiyah (Photo Salon 4 U) on the camera, Nijah (Hair Freak) on the combs and grease and Shannon on the brushes. We tore it down!!! Don’t mind me…I get silly when I’m tired and right now I’m beat!

Any who… check out our spread in the last issue of POSE Magazine! Sneak peek and behind the scenes images are below.

Special THANK YOU to Tiffany “Tip” Jones 

Limarie Lewis and tavyday
ChaCha N'Kole

Limarie Lewis

Limarie Lewis, ChaCha N'Kole and Nij B.

Limarie Lewis and ChaCha N'Kole